Physical and Software Infrastructure Support


  1. State of the art support infrastructure that will help entrepreneurs performcutting edge research and come up with disruptive ideas. These facilities shall also be used for the global innovation meets, hackathons and youth festivals that Tripura will host.
  2. The government will work with major internet players to provide 512 MBPS internet connectionto all incubation facilities. These services will be upgradable on peak utilization of 75%.
  3. The government shall allocate cloud space in its State Data Center (SDC) which will be connected to all government incubation facilities and can be used by start-ups. For first 3 (three)years, start-ups will get 100% subsidy. 
  4. In case of unavailability of required infrastructure in SDC, the Start-up may avail the facility from Meghraj or MeitY,GoIempanelled Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Government will reimburse 100% of the charges in initial 3 (three) years. 
  5. Incubation Rental charges: Govt. will develop plug & play incubation facility for start-ups and will provide maximum 5(five) incubation seats per Start-up industry for initial 3 (three) years free of cost. Start-up may operate from the govt. developed incubation facility for further1 (one) year on payment of 70% rental. In case, start-ups take space/incubation facility from private incubators, then Govt. will reimburse 100% space rental/ service charge for incubation facility to start-ups for 3 (three) years subject to the maximum 5(five) incubation seats. For4th yearGovernment will reimburse 70% of the space rental with a ceiling of Rs. 2 Lakh.
  6. Several citizen databases are maintained by various department e.g, ePDS, eJami, eDistrict, eRoR etc. Start-up companies would be allowed to access the said databases through API or XML for authentication and other service to build their application. 
  7. Preferential Market Access: Access to e-Gov space. (i) No entry barrier in Govt tenders for pre-cleared products developed by Startups (ii) Direct purchase by Govt for innovative products cleared by Council.