Capacity Building

Inculcating the habit and embedding the idea of innovation among all the citizens in every aspect of economic activity is essential for promoting the culture of innovation in the people. This can be achieved through strong educational support to bring out innovators and technopreneurs among the youth. The Government would work with universities, educational institutions and the industry to provide pre-trained manpower in emerging technologies and to foster a culture of entrepreneurship.

Update Syllabus

The Universities will be advised to change the course curriculum to be in tune with the emerging technologies and align to the requirements of the Industry, and to introduce courses in entrepreneurship development through incubators. Industry experts may be leveraged to teach courses at incubators and students who are interested may elect these courses.

Elective Subjects

The evaluation provided by approved industry experts may be sent by the incubator to colleges / university for inclusion in the electives that students can learn as part of the degree course.

IT & Entrepreneurship @ College level

All Universities in Tripura may give 5% grace marks and 20% attendance every semester for student start-ups teams, which have at least one woman as a cofounder.Students may be permitted to undertake their Industrial Seminar, Project Seminar and Industrial Visit at Technology Business Incubators where additional facilities are being setup.Student Entrepreneurs working on a start-up idea from first year of college may be permitted to convert their start-up project as their final year project towards degree completion. Mentors assigned by Incubators may be allowed to conduct Viva Voce. Project Reports certified by the Incubators may be sent back to the respective colleges for forwarding to the university.